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WebCT CE6 Quick Guide for students

WebCT is a learning system software that provides you courses through the Internet. If you visit the web site for a certain course on WebCT, you can view its course materials, submit your assignments, or try some quizzes.

Here we provide a brief instruction to use WebCT CE6.

If you have any questions, please visit following url and post them.


PDF version of this page is here (1.2MB)

How to Reach Your Course Page

Open a web browser, such as Internet Explorer (IE) or Firefox, and visit the following URL :


WebCT CE6 Entry Page will be displayed. Click the ログイン (Log in) button.

In order to log in to WebCT, both your 広大ID (Hirodai ID) and password are required. If you do not remember your password, either Student Support in your department or the Information Media Center will help you.

After logging in to WebCT, myWebCT will be displayed. In the Course List, you can see the classes which you take now, or that you previously took. Sometimes, you may not find some of the classes which you actually take, in the list. In this case, you may need to do self-registering in the class.

In order to reach the course page, click the name from the course list.

Pop-Up Blocker

You may have a problem using certain functions, while you are studying on WebCT. Visit the following URL, to see if your browser or its setting is OK.


Especially, you need to pay attention if the pop-up blocker on your browser is activated. If so, several WebCT functions, such as Assessments or Discussions, will not work correctly. You then need to turn off pop-up blocker. If , for example, you see the blocker warning on IE when you visit WebCT CE6 Entry Page, you need to choose either "Temporarily Allow Pop-ups" or "Always Allow Pop-ups from This Site."

See the images below on allowing pop-up blocker on Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE).

Customizing Your "My Language"

Initially, the information and instruction which WebCT gives you is written in Japanese because the default My Language is Japanese. You have the option of choosing either Japanese or English as your My Language. This selection, however, does not affect the course materials prepared by teachers.

* This setting will take effect, when you login to WebCT next time.

Self-Registering in a Course

Click コース一覧 (Course list) on the WebCT CE6エントリーページ (Entry Page). Select 学部 or 大学院 among the categories, then choose your course from the course list. Click Self-Registering, and type your 広大ID (Hirodai ID) and password. Then click the 登録 (Register) button.

Submitting Assessments

Click Assessments from the Course Tools. Then choose a certain quiz or questionnaire.

Click Save Answer, after you answered each question.

When you have finished all questions, click Finish to submit your assessment for grading. You need to remember that Save Answer does not mean "submitting an assessment."

Submitting Assignments

In order to submit your assignment, click Assignments in the Course Tools. You can find new assignments in the Inbox. Assignments which you have already submitted or which have not yet been graded are listed under Submitted. And you may find the assignments which were graded under Graded, if teacher decides to share with you the results.

Choose an assignment and the Edit Assignment page will be shown. Here you can either type your answer in the Submission column directly or add an attachment. Your teacher may specify which method to use. When you have finished, click the Submit button.

You may take back and correct assignments which you have already submitted. Click the Submitted tab and choose an assessment. If there is a Revise assessment icon on the right shoulder, click on the icon and you can revise it.