ELS: Hirodai e-Learning Support

Changing your WebCT password

All students in Hiroshima University should have HIRODAI ID and HIRODAI Password. But, occasionally, we may provide an exceptional ID which can be used only for WebCT. When you receive such an ID from your instructor, you should change the initial password for security reasons.

Here we provide a brief instruction to change your password. (NOTE: In case of HIRODAI Password, you can change it on the Information Media Center Web site)

If you have any questions, please visit following url and post them.


How to Change Your Local WebCT Password

  1. At first, change your WebCT system language into English. (cf. here)
  2. Click "My Settings" on the upper right of myWebCT window
  3. Click "Change Password"
  4. Input current password and new password twice. Then click "Save"